Family Portrait

Allen FamilyMeet the Allen family. For years now we’ve heard Faybien mention his mother who passed away before the original Finding Me began. Well in the Season 2 premiere we finally get to meet Fatima Allen (played by Sherie Alexis) and a young Faybien (played by Najee Smith). Get a glimpse into the family dynamic in this brand new Season of the Series. Tune in to, download and own the season premiere.

The Streets Are Talking

Recent Comments about Finding Me the Series Season 2 Premiere -

Kidd Misfit Davis- “so great like this season premiere was amazing and took me through so many emotions!i cant wait to keep downloading these episodes tho”

golfus30- “You guys get thumbs up for good acting and consistency I watch you guys grow so keep up the good work”

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4 Days Left

Omar Season 2

4 Days left to finding out how losing the one you love can shatter the world around you. Tune in to OMEPROTV.COM April 15th for the Season 2 Premiere. Losing Yourself Is Not An Option #FindingMetheSeries#DontLoseYourself #DLY

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Season 2 is Coming

Reggie Season 2

5 Days left until the perception of reality can be shattered if you lose yourself. Losing Yourself Is Not An Option. Finding Me the Series season 2 premieres April 15th on OMEPROTV.COM Subscribe to OMEPROTV.COM today!

FMS New York City Screening

New York City Season 2 Screening