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Recent Comments about Finding Me the Series Season 2 Premiere -

Kidd Misfit Davis- “so great like this season premiere was amazing and took me through so many emotions!i cant wait to keep downloading these episodes tho”

golfus30- “You guys get thumbs up for good acting and consistency I watch you guys grow so keep up the good work”

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4 Days Left

Omar Season 2

4 Days left to finding out how losing the one you love can shatter the world around you. Tune in to OMEPROTV.COM April 15th for the Season 2 Premiere. Losing Yourself Is Not An Option #FindingMetheSeries#DontLoseYourself #DLY

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Season 2 is Coming

Reggie Season 2

5 Days left until the perception of reality can be shattered if you lose yourself. Losing Yourself Is Not An Option. Finding Me the Series season 2 premieres April 15th on OMEPROTV.COM Subscribe to OMEPROTV.COM today!

FMS New York City Screening

New York City Season 2 Screening