An Inside Look at Episode 205

*** SPOILER ALERT. If you’re not caught up on the New Season of FINDING ME THE SERIES, you may want to skip this video, add it to your ‘Watch Later’ list, and watch the episodes first. ***

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We have a WINNER! Romeo Price wins the trivia challenge, congratulations!!!

1. Faybien, 2. Tammy, 3. Greg, 4. Omar, 5. Morris, 6. James, 7. Kelly, 8. Nicole, 9. Faybien’s Dad, 10. Tammy’s Sister, 11. Greg’s Dad, 12. Omar’s Uncle, 13. Young Faybien, 14. Faybien’s Mom, 15. Lonnie, 16. Jerome, 17. Anton, 18. Elliot, 19. Warren, 20. Shirley, 21. Anna, 22. Alicia, 24. Dominic, 25. Frank, 26. Patricia, 27. Jacqueline, 29. Tasha, 30. Omar’s Daughter, 31. Kyle, 32. Felicia, 33. Ramon, 34. Malik, 35. Detective Harper, 36. Detective Powell, 37. Reggie, 38. Paul, 39. Dr. Fields, 40. Maxine, 41. Kim, 42. Maurio Brown 43. Candice Lafayette, 44. Joy

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Omar (Bry'Nt) and Faybien Allen (RayMartell Moore) in Season 2 new episodes. Photo by Frankie Harley Jr/OmeProTV

Season 2 | Episode: 204 | Original Air Date: December 9th, 2014

Faybien, Greg, Tammy and Omar each reach a point when they begin to look at the direction their lives have taken. An irruption at work forces Faybien to focus more on his career and less on his love life, and he finally comes to a decision in regards to his relationship with Morris, Greg confesses how hurt he is by Kelly leaving and stands up to his father, Tammy pushes loved ones away and tries to cope with her loss and Omar is having a hard time moving past the loss of the man he loved.

This episode introduces a lot of new and familiar characters that lends to the four main characters lives. We meet Greg’s father and learn a little more about his best friend, Jerome and where he stands in Faybien’s life. Tammy’s best friend Max, and her girlfriend Kim are back. Faybien’s job introduces new characters into the fold and the artist that the record label represents, Dominic stirs up new drama.

Get ready for a roller coaster ride in this new episode, premiering December 9th, exclusively on