Amera has a Man!

New Man 1
It’s official, Amera Jones has snagged herself a man, and you’ll be introduced to him in Finding Me: Truth! The characters name is Gabriel “Gab” Morris (played by Joshua Breckenridge).
New Man 3
Joshua is one of the new faces to grace the Finding Me world, and get ready for a great performance from this new talent. The handsome and charismatic newcomer is a Broadway and Off broadway actor, and let me tell you guys, he really does BRING his craft to our production.
New Man 2
In “Truth” you’ll see a more tender side to Amera; while she’s with her man at least. How do the two of them get along? Is Gab hiding something? Stay tuned!
Character Description: Gab is private, strong and somewhat secretive. Being a grammar school teacher helps him to deal with some of Amera’s antics.


2 thoughts on “Amera has a Man!

  1. Girl you better get that man, and he is fine too lol………..hope that she finds happiness with “Gab” but only time will tell and I cant wait to see what they story will unfold

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