Finding Me Soundtrack

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So many people have asked about a soundtrack for the original Motion Picture, well by popular demand the Finding Me Blog has brought the soundtrack to life! Below is the list of music from the original Finding Me. Click on the track you like for a snippet and the ability to purchase it. This long awaited soundtrack has finally arrived, with over 15 tracks by some of the hottest independent artist in the game. Finding Me’s Soundtrack has finally found you!

1.  “Feel Like Fashion”(with Infinite)  3:51   Celebrity    Baron

2.  “When You Touch Me”  3:42   K’bana blaq

3.  “Spring Rain”  2:56   Soul Comfort   Mike Ibrahim & Nhojj

4. “American Sweaters”    2:07   Back from the Dead   Package Thief

5. “Makin’ me High”    3:23   Nikos feat. K’bana

6. “Birds” (with Nhojj)   7:30   Celebrity   Baron

7. “Shanker’s Daughter”    1:28    Back from the Dead    Package Thief

8. “Dream”    3:32     Soul Comfort     Nhojj

9.  “Back from the Dead”   1:36    Back from the Dead     Package Thief

10. “All Night”   5:13  Tuesday Morning    Quiet Chaos

11. “Chocolateshake”  4:34   Tuesday Morning    Quiet Chaos

12. “Tuesday Morning (the shino re-dub)”   3:58  Tuesday Morning    Quiet Chaos

13. “Reese’s Song”  6:00  Tuesday Morning    Quiet Chaos

14. “Evolved”  4:56   Tuesday Morning    Quiet Chaos

15. “Elevator Music”  5:58  Tuesday Morning    Quiet Chaos

16. “Afterhour Strut”   4:47  Tuesday Morning    Quiet Chaos


6 thoughts on “Finding Me Soundtrack

  1. Does anyone know the song that is playing when Fabian and Lonnie are in the bed (Lonnie on the laptop and Fabian shirtless) and it fades in the background. (Why am I not sharing, why am I not believing, why am I not receiving….)

  2. I just had to come on here and show ya’ll some love!!!i am such a big fan of the film…sad to say i haven’t seen part 1, finding me but that’s next on my list!!!YA’LL DEFINITELY DO HAVE A FAN IN ME!!!And greg, sorry u deserved a punch and slap!!!My favorite character is jay and ameera, hope i spelled her name right. BUT THE CAST WAS HOT!!BRING ON A PART THREE!!!PLATNUM!!!

    • Thank you so much SeMarice for all of the kind words. We’re bringing on a series next. Stay tuned and please tell all of your friends to buy or rent a copy of the film. All of the support really helps.

      • NO PROBLEM I MOST DEFINITELY WILL DO SIR!!!Also I am an up and coming OUT Artist in our community why don’t you check me out and hopefully I can help you with the soundtrack to your future projects…email me let’s talk about it

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