On the Street

Bry'Nt and Kelis

This time we follow Finding Me’s resident new face, Bry’Nt [far right, Kelis center, and stylist Darryl Glover far left] who plays the role of Omar in “Truth.” In this image above Bry’Nt ran into music artist Kelis in the streets of New York. Bry’Nt:I was being photographed in a shoot with high-fashion photographer MG Oania in Manhattan. While Oania knelt down for a shot, R&B/pop singer Kelis (who had been walking and shopping in that area) trips right over her! When my stylist and I saw what had happened we also noticed it was Kelis! She was very apologetic for disrupting the shoot and agreed to take photographs. Being a big fan of hers, I was excited.”

Bry'Nt and DerrickIn this photo Bry’Nt is seen hanging out with fellow co-star Derrick L. Briggs [Lonnie Wilson]. Bry’Nt: “Derrick and I decided to celebrate working together on the season of ADTV by having a little fun for Pride Day at Fire Island in New York. We brought a few friends along and everyone had fun meeting fans of the show.”


In this image Bry’Nt is with his ADTV (Attention Deficit Television) co-stars, Ryan Drake, Finding Me’s very J’Nara Corbin (Amera Jones) and Matthew Barret. Bry’Nt: “While we were filming episodes of the YouTube channel, ADTV (created by Derrick Briggs “Lonnie Wilson”), me and the cast stopped to take a photographs in Manhattan’s Highland Park.”


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