Outside the Finding Me Set

During the films short hiatus,the Finding Me actors are hard at work on other sets. Here are some of the cast members working on other productions.


Eugene Turner (Greg Marsh) was on the set of “Mountain Park.”  “The experience was amazing. It was New York, and my first time working with a Green Screen and children both of which were great. All of the kids involved were talented and more eager than most adults I have had the pleasure if working with, and the green screen wasn’t a challenge at all btw Jonathan Carouette (the director) is super, he gave great feedback and direction and I am extremely greatful for the opportunity”

Ray on the set of Ugly Betty

Ray on Ugly Betty

RayMartell Moore (Faybien Allen) has been working hard on the set of “Ugly Betty.” Here are just a couple of pic’s of the actor on the set.


last night smokeys 012Josh Breckenridge (Gabe Morris) shares this pic’s from his stage performance of  “Smokey Joes Cafe.”


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