Newly Released Stills

Happy New Year everyone, and we’re ringing in the New Year with new images from “Truth.” With the release of the Official Teaser to the film finally out, the anticipation for the release of the film is running high. People want to know what the is the plot for “Truth.” The image above just adds on to our questions. What are Faybien (RayMartell Moore) and Amera (J’Nara Corbin) looking at? Whatever it is, they look good!

Also, why do we see Jay (Maurice Murrell) and Faybien hanging out so much? In the original film they didn’t get along, but above is the second image we have of the pair together. Is there a romantic link between the two, or is the old saying, “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer” the route these two are going?

OmeProductions also released an image of a new character to the fold. The only info we have is the characters name is Tasha, and she is played by actress Cher Santiago. Cher’s list of credits include The Roe Effect which has just been nominated for a Black Reel Award forBest Independant Mini Feature. We’re really curious to know what role does “Tasha” play in the story. Stay tuned.


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