Family Portrait

Some of the cast and crew of Finding Me:Truth

Photo by Josh DeHonney Photography

Top Row from left to right: Josh DeHonney (Photographer) Guillermo Cano (Photographer), Eugene Turner (Greg), Marcell Gumbs (Eli), Derrick L.Briggs (Lonnie)

Middle Row: Rica Omeus (P.A.), k’bana blag (Music Artist for both films), J’Nara Corbin (Amera), Ron DeSuze (Wilmar), Rosemarie Bernardo (Make-up), Miste Roule (Tammy), RayMartell Moore (Faybien), Keleigh Nealon (Production Coordinator), Maurice Murrell (Jay)

Top Bottom Row: Roger Omeus Jr (Writer/Director), Sontaia Briggs (Producer)

Bottom Row: Phillip Muniz (A.D.), Eric Joppy (Reggie), Bry’Nt (Omar)

The cast and crew of “Truth” wanted to thank every viewer who came out in record breaking numbers to view the world premiere of the trailer! They know we’ve been waiting for a long time for this film and in my opinion they sure did deliver. I can’t wait to sit in the theater and take all of the Drama coming our way this summer.

The folks at OmeProduction also sent this  picture of the cast and crew being silly. LOVE IT!


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