Another Serving

This video doesn’t exist

OmeProductions has released two more snippet scenes. This time we see the long awaited Lonnie and Faybien return and get more insight into Greg’s new love interest Reggie. Starring RayMartell Moore, Eugene Turner, Derrick L. Briggs and Eric Joppy


4 thoughts on “Another Serving

  1. I enjoyed seeing this glimpse of these four characters, it was compelling to the human spirit. The myriad of emotions I felt was sadness, frustration and actually a little bit of pity, especially for Faybien. The plight of a black gay man in America and other parts of the world isn’t over untill you take your last breath. It made me realize that my struggle is very real and valid. I want to see more!

  2. Looks Like Faybien is trying to rekindle the flame he has for Lonnie, but Lonnie just bought a fire extinguisher 😦

    Reggie now wants Greg to Land on “Go To Jail”(Be With Me) but he already gave him a “Get Out Of Jail Free” ( I’m Bi) Card

  3. It’s interesting how being shut out takes you to another level… Even when you later find out why, your mind has already gone elsewhere. Poor Reggie… U knew what you had when u started… Hope dinner is nice tho.

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