In Theaters February 2011

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We know the question has been asked for a long time now. Although the film was set for a 2010 summer release things had to be pushed back due to some very great news. Finding Me: Truth will be distributed by TLA Releasing! With this in place “Truth” will hit the big screens in selected cities February 2011.

Look for more info in the months to come for the exact date of the release and theater listings.


4 thoughts on “In Theaters February 2011

  1. OMG how is this movie coming out in February? It’s all ready done filming so get a move on the release date. OMG not only that Finding Me is more than just a movie to some of people it’s a way to get out of the terrible lives we live and hope for fantasy and true love. I would appreciate it if you could move it up to at least this year. Please take this into consideration.

    A True Finding Me Fan.

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