Recap on FMT at QFest

Photo Credit to TLA Releasing

It was a beautiful, sunny Thursday and Saturday when the world premiere of Finding Me: Truth took place at Philadelphia’s QFest international film festival. On Thursday co-producer Sontaia P. Briggs took to the stage to open the film to a very enthusiastic crowd of 136. After the screening Sontaia was accompanied on the stage by Writer/Director Roger Omeus Jr and actor Eugene E. Turner (Greg) for the Q&A portion of the evening.

Photo Credit to Christopher D. Weaver and Genea Delaware (Also in this photo is Kelly Burkhardt from TLA)

The Q&A was filled with insightful and thought provoking questions, statements and testimonies fueled by the film. One audience member asked is there going to be a part three. Roger’s response was, “We want to create a series before there is another film.” That got the crowd excited.

” The line wrapped around the building as though we were giving away something free lol..Not knowing till the end that it was 196 attendees, but greatly overwhelmed and elated by the energy of everyone.”  says Christopher D. Weaver (Publicist).

These were real Finding Me fans. They were ready for the ride “Truth” took them through. You could feel the energy in the room. The audience laughed so loud at times you couldn’t hear some of the dialog, and so quiet at others because of a pivotal scene you could hear the sound of someone breathing.  The extra bonus was on Saturday when the majority of the cast came.

Christopher adds, ” The cast arrived and it was instantly a family reunion. Everyone hugged, kissed and cried upon seeing each other and it was one of the most genuine moments for the entire weekend. Many questions were asked as the audience flowed in such as “When is the next movie, where can I buy the dvd, What is the next step in this process”..The one pivotal statement that was made “The cast and director are very personable and everyone seemed so real”..says one attendee.”


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