FMT in Atlanta

All Photo’s Courtesy of I.M. Cinema

The Atlanta Premiere of Finding Me: Truth was another successful screening for the fast climbing popular sequel to Finding Me. “Truth” proves once again that the tales of Faybien, Amera, Greg and Jay was worth the wait. The screening was held at the Plaza Theater to a very enthusiastic crowd. Here are just some of the attendees;


These were just a few of the beautiful faces that came out to the premiere. One of the questions most asked after the screening was, ” Is there going to be another film?” How exciting is that. Can the story of finding oneself continue with these characters? The answer is yes. Writer/Director Roger Omeus Jr responded, ” The next step is a series There is certainly enough stories that can be told through these characters, and it will be exciting, fun and filled with drama.” We can’t wait for more Mr.Omeus!









Pictured together are FMT’s producer Sontaia P. Briggs, Urban Socialites Magazine’s James Davidson and Rameses Frederick, and FMT Roger Omeus Jr






















The entire family of FMT would like to thank everyone that came out for the Atlanta Premiere of Finding Me: Truth. They also want to extend a special thanks to Adah Pittman of I.M. Cinema for all of her hard work and making this event possible.


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