Boston Screening

This past weekend Finding Me: Truth made it’s debut on the big screen at the HBGC Screening in Boston.  The screening was followed by a great Q&A. Also after the event the cast and audience went to dinner together and the conversation continued. Producer Sontaia P. Briggs say ” As a lover and supporter of education, the Finding Me franchise has a special place in my heart. What many people don’t know is the ultimate vision of the films for me is creating a narrative that can serve as a bridge for communication, understanding and mutual respect between the LGBTQ and Straight communities. After speaking with an attendee in Boston, we learned that they are using the original film to create curriculum for discussions with their youth groups and gay/straight alliance members. This completely touched my heart and was the best news of that trip for me!” A special thank you goes out to Uriah Bell. He is one of the founders of HBGC and was key in bringing the film to Boston. He also facilitated the event.


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