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This is your source to all things Finding Me. The franchise started from two feature length films and now the journey continues as a webseries. The hit online TV series that everyone is talking about.  Finding Me continues the dramatic journey of lovable but often confused Faybien Allen, as he continues to navigate complex relationships with lovers and friends. Along the way, best friends Greg and Tammy encounter situations that brings on the need for self-reflection.  This urban based series delves into the grittier path of self discovery through the eyes of newcomer Omar (the directionless ‘thug’).  Finding Me: The Series is a fun and realistic depiction of the growing pains we experience in life.

The series is a spin off from the award winning film Finding Me and it’s sequel Finding Me: Truth. The series begins two weeks after the events of TRUTH.

The series stars RayMartell Moore, Eugene E. Turner, Miste Roule Ryals, Bry’Nt, Eric Joppy, Kenyon L. O’Brian, Isabelle Pierre, Austin M. Young, Auden Robertson, Monique St. Cyr and Ryan Boyce Drake.

7 thoughts on “About Finding Me

  1. I live in Seattle and I really want to know when is Finding Me, Truth coming out, I really loved the first one and cant wait!

  2. To whom this message may, concern, my name is Olivia-Jordyn Garrett and I had stumbled across the Finding Me Network, while browsing through the famous website: YouTube. I’ am a  young, tall, slender, mixed race female, who is determined to make a positive name for herself.
    I’ am also very passionate in  becoming an actress, model, wrestler, author, motivational speaker, and LGBTQI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex) advocate.
    I’ am inquiring about any future projects that the Finding Me Network has to offer. Whether it’s short film, long film, a documentary, etc. I’ am more than willing to work and gain an abundant amount of professional experience from this organization. Thank you for reading. 


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