Spin-Off Event


The Producers of FINDING ME THE SERIES presents DEKA-LOG. DEKA-LOG is a minisode series event that takes place in the world of the popular web-series FINDING ME SERIES. 

DEKA-LOG presents ten stories or accounts of the life, journey and struggle of some of the lesser known characters in the FINDING ME world. The minisode series will feature ten episodes depicting the love/hate, truth/lies, tragedy/adventure of these characters as they confront and inform the audience on some of our greatest struggles: self-discovery and self-affirmation. 
Stay tuned for more information and visit http://www.omeprotv.com for the behind the scenes action on the making of this series.

1 More Day

1 more day til #findingmetheseries season 2 streams on Dekkoo.com. Subscribe today to follow the journey. #finders #omeprotv #series #setlife #set #filming #film #production #producer #writer #director #actress #actorlife #actor #blackwebseries #webseries #streaming

Season 2 Streaming

FMS the Gang Dekkoo Ad

Finding Me the Series season 2 finds a new home. On August 18th the season will stream on Dekkoo.com Right now you can stream season 1 on the online network, so subscribe today. Dekkoo is available on multiple devices, such as iPhones, AppleTV, Androids and Roku.