Snap Shots

A new ongoing series to the blog. These are snap shots from the first day of shooting.

Photo’s by Phillip Muniz

J'Nara on the SetJ’Nara taking a quick pic between takes. Strike a pose girl!

Josh in CharacterJosh getting into character. Phillip probably snapped this without Josh knowing. Is he really reading the paper, or has he tucked his lines in there? Cheater!

Amera and GabTrust me when I say this picture speaks louder than words when it comes to Amera and Gab. Just wait and see!

RehearsingThis is actually a production still of Director Roger S. Omeus Jr (far right) rehearsing with Maurice (far left) and Ray (center) before going on set.

Photo taken by Joshua Rubio


One thought on “Snap Shots

  1. This is a very handsome cast and it looks very interesting as the way that the plot seems to unfold so really i look forward to the coming of the movie PSSSSSssssss…… That Eli is somethin kinda cute

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