Village Shopping

With either a hop of the train, or the hail of a cab New York City’s east village served as one of the sets for “Finding Me: Truth.” The cities ever moving pace makes for the perfect backdrop for filming, and “Truth” had to be a part of it’s pulse. Actors J’Nara Corbin (Amera), Miste Roule (Tammy) and RayMartell Moore (Faybien) reported for duty at the east village’s Arcangel Menswear store.arcangel_menswear_333233303338_13_logoLoacted at 300 East 5th Street, between 2nd Ave and 1st Ave.  Arcangel’s owner Andy was such a delight, and the stores eclectic flare was perfect for this scene. Hidden treasures like Arcangel is what’s going to make Finding Me: Truth a fun new ride!

Vintage Store FM 2The two store owners took a snap shot with the actors in between takes.


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