Finish The Film Campaign

Dear Finding Me fans and friends,
We would like to thank you for all your support, accolades and your presence during the filming of Finding Me and Finding Me: Truth. Finding Me was successful in ways we had never imagined. Showing in over twenty cities, several international festivals including the Philadelphia International Gay and Lesbian Film festival, Reel Affirmations 18, Cinema St. Louis, and screening on several islands in Spain.
We believe in the story so much that we decided to do a sequel, this was a massive undertaking. We hired a kickass production team, recruited some new bright talent. Finding Me: Truth will reveal that we have listened to our fans and critics and attempted to make a quality film that looks and sounds 100% better than the first.
The talent spent hours during the summer weeknights and weekends making this production the best of many from OmeProductions.
With that being said, we have accrued a considerable amount of debt and have been operating in the red for several months. To date we have suspended filming. We have an almost finished product that we know you will love more than the first. Today we ask you to consider taking your support and commitment of Finding Me to the next level. We are launching our FINISH THE FILM CAMPAIGN!
We are asking everyone that loves Finding Me to support us today with a DONATION of  $7.00! Yes, you are reading the amount correctly $7.00. We ask that you take the time today and consider how your $7.00 can change our project’s life. OmeProductions goal is to make films for the community, and so we are hoping the community can help us out a little. If you choose to DONATE please leave us your information so that your name will run in the credits, and also so you can receive a signed postcard image of Lonnie and Faybien by the two actors. We hope to hear from you soon, and always thank you for your support.

Yours truly
Sontaia P.Briggs
Production Manager

P.S. in order to make a donation just click on the word Donate or click here, DONATE.


3 thoughts on “Finish The Film Campaign

  1. It’s a pleasure to support positive Black cinema; while I can’t make the preview in New York City, I’ll gladly take and tell as many people as I can to go and see it when it reaches Philadelphia.

    Hope the money helps.

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