On The Set Again

After a 4 month hiatus the cast and crew of “Truth” were back to finish up filming. In this still actor Eric Joppy (Reggie Hunt) along side actress Miste Roule (Tammy) prepares for one of his last scenes on a chilly Sunday afternoon. It was a great and sad day for Eric. He was happy to be back, but a little sad that it was his last day for Principal Photography.

Bry’Nt (Omar) isn’t actually just laying down, he’s in position for his next take. Jumping back in to the role of Omar seemed to come easy for the young actor. We were told that this was a very exciting day for him on the set. People on the set were calling it a smashing day! Not sure what that means, but hope to soon find out!

Actor Eugene Turner (Greg Marsh) seems to be having a ball on the set as he gets ready for his next take.

We say a fond farewell to actress Miste Roule (Tammy Jones) who shot her last scene on Sunday. Miste has had a dual role in “Truth”.  She was actress and Second Stylist for the film.

It’s good to see a smile on Maurice Murrell (Jay Timber) faces. We’re so use to seeing his more devilish side. He plays the role of “Shady” Jay very well because when you meet him in person you realize just how warm Maurce really is.


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