A Conversation with Dustin Fredric Ross

Dustin Fredric Ross


Photo by Frankie Harley Jr/OmeProTV

OMEPRO: What made you interested in joining the cast of Finding Me the Series?


DUSTIN FREDRIC ROSS: Acting is truly my passion, and I gravitate toward roles that tell the traditionally untold stories. Finding Me the Series was the perfect opportunity for me to do just that.


OMEPRO: The only thing that’s been revealed about Jerome is that he is connected to Faybien and Greg. What can you tell us about your character?


DUSTIN FREDRIC ROSS: Jerome…lol. Jerome is ENERGY personified. He’s sexy. He’s funny. And he’s ready to move past some things that may not be as easy for others to move past. But he doesn’t care. And you’ll love him for it.


OMEPRO: Is there any personality traits of Jerome that is similar to your own?


DUSTIN FREDRIC ROSS: Yup. But you’ll never get me to tell which ones, LOL.


OMEPRO: What is the most difficult part of acting for you; if any?


DUSTIN FREDRIC ROSS: It’s challenging to revisit moments in your life that will offer you the most emotional depth as an Actor. That shit’s tough, but it will take you EXACTLY where you need to go on screen.


OMEPRO: What would you say sets Finding Me apart from other webseries set in the same genre?


DUSTIN FREDRIC ROSS: It’s actually good.


OMEPRO: Do you think a series like FM would work on a major television network?


DUSTIN FREDRIC ROSS: Absolutely. Not only would it work, it would SHINE amongst what is currently a mostly dull television landscape.


OMEPRO: What was a ‘Finding Me’ moment in your life?


DUSTIN FREDRIC ROSS: Hands down, moving to New York City. I thought I knew myself, but I found out that I hadn’t even been introduced.


OMEPRO: What do you look forward to most when the audience sees the episodes you’re in?


DUSTIN FREDRIC ROSS: I have a personal connection with my fans. We know each other well. But they will be SHOCKED to see just how different Jerome is from Dustin. That’s probably all I can say…right now.


OMEPRO: Can you tell us about a funny moment you had on set?


DUSTIN FREDRIC ROSS: Every moment. We laughed, we sang, we cussed, we got rained on, we stripped naked. Best cast ever.


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