Season 2 Episode 203 – “WHAT KIND OF DREAMER ARE YOU?”

Omar Run

Season 2 | Episode 3 | Air Date: November 11th 2014

Greg awakens to alarming news and later has an unexpected visit from an old friend, Tammy is trying to cope with the lose of her child, Faybien gets a hefty dose of reality from his boss and decides to put his career first, and Omar’s past continues to threaten him.

Starring: RayMartell Moore, Eugene E. Turner, Miste Roule Rylas, Bry’Nt, Kenyon L. O’Brien, Auden Robertson, Dan Cathcart, Laurel Devaney, Andres De Vengoechea,  Marck Angel,  Dustin Fedric Ross, Chino Ramos, Camille Rogers, Geneva Ortiz, Brenda Godbolt and Elijah Keller


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